Monday, October 4, 2010

What a Difference a Year Makes!

I made the decision not to send Madison to Kindergarten this year. I figured what can one more year of pre-school hurt. If anything it will help her, and hopefully she will be more prepared that if I were to send her this year.

She is not going to the same pre-school that she went to last year. She is going to the School Readiness Program at the Family Center in Columbia Heights. Its geared to actually get the kids ready for Kindergarten, rather than just teaching them the basic things. So far she is LOVING it!

To reminisce a little...

(Madison 9/2009)

(Madison 9/2010)

(Madison 9/2010)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Madison the Entertainer

Madison loves to sing and pretend play instruments. On a very rare day, she will even let me record her. . . this was one of those days!

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Adventures of Madison and Papa

This past Saturday my dad took Madison on an adventure. While my mom and I went shopping my dad took Madison the the new Northstar train. He thought he would take from Fridley, down to the new Target Stadium and back. Well she was having so much fun they did that, and then rode the train to Big Lake.

When I got home, I asked her if she had a good time... she said "Yes!, Did you know the train has a bathroom?" She was so excited about the bathroom on the train!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

ENT Update and More...

So the last you all heard, Madison was going to the ENT to figure out what the next step with her ears was. Well on April 14 at 2:45 she will be getting tubes in her ears. I honestly believe that this will not only help her hearing and let her ears drain, but I believe that it will help lower the number of ear infections that she has.

This weekend was fun. Last night we went to Yo Gabba Gabba and had a BLAST! Last year we went to Dora Live and that was lame compared to this! We were up on out feet dancing and singing and goofing around the whole time. We also went to dinner before hand and had some giggles there too.

Today I had to read my "Faith Sharing" in front of 2 services. I was so nervous! Went I went to the computer this morning to print out what I had written Madison asked what I was going. I told her, and told her I was a little nervous. She sat down beside me and said "Its ok Mama, you will do great. Just take a deep breathe." And she was so right. What could go wrong.

It went ok. I stumbled a little and cried the first time I read it. The second time was much better.

We also had the joy of celebrating the baptism of my my good friend Beth's baby boy, Chase. She was very worried that he would cry at the first touch of the water. Turns out he smiled the entire time! What a good boy!

Madison also made me feel pretty great this afternoon. On the way to the baptism lunch, Madison said "Hey mom, wanna know something?" I of course said, "Yes!" Then she goes on to say, "You know your the awesomest mom ever!" then I said "I am, how do you know?" she answers, "Cause your my mom, and we are a team!" -- I thought that was pretty cool!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

ENT Monday and Weekend Fun!

Tomorrow Madison has an ENT appointment. I am a little on the nervous side, but will also be relieved to figure out what is going on. I am pretty much convinced that her ears never drain, but I guess we will see.
These are the kind of moments that I wish I had a better half to talk to or to assist me in going. But, I have been here (simular situations) before, and life goes on. I end up figuring things out myself and getting through it all.

On a lighter note...

This last weekend we (Madison, Bailey, my mom and dad, and myself) went to Fergus Falls, MN to see my grandma. It has been a few (maybe 3) since I have seen her. Last August her had a stroke, and after nursing homes and other living situations, she is settled. We went to visit her at her assisted living apartment (or department as Madisons calls it) for a few hours, and then went to the hotel we were staying at. This was Madisons first time staying at a hotel and she loved it! Even though we arrived about 6:30p, Madison and Bailey hit the pool.
Best buds!

Although it was a long trip, Madison did great in the car! Im thinking we should take a road trip again .... maybe Duluth??

Thursday, February 25, 2010

From Little to Big

This little girl has slept with her momma for the last two and a half years. Laying in her momma's bed singing and talking herself to sleep. Then her momma would come to bed, and move the little girl over to make enough room for momma to lay down and fall asleep. After a few hours the momma would feel the little girl snuggle up close, and then hear her sigh.

However in recent months this little girl has started to grind her teeth, keeping her momma up at night because of the noise she was making.

One day momma had enough! Together then went to the store to pick out a bed that the little girl would find just as comfortable as her mommas. They went to many stores, bounced on many beds and finially picked one out and asked her Papa to pick it up on his way home.

TODAY was the big day! The little girls Papa picked up her very own bed and brought it home! Her momma and put it together and put the NEW sheets and blankets on that the little girl picked out. Her Papa dug out the headboard that her momma had when she was little.

The little girl stepped back, and took a long look at her new bed. She was so excited! She jumped up and down on the bed, and told her Papa that he could not sleep with her, that this was her new bed. This was the bed that she helped pick out! The bed that she got to choose the pillows for!

The little girl is now snug in her bed. It took a little bit, but she is there... sleeping. The lights were turned off and on a few times. There was an "I need to go potty" moment. And when she came back down to her room, her momma hugged her and told her that she was a big girl, and that she could do this! She hugged her momma back and said "Im just alittle nervous." But, she is still in her room... sleeping.

This little girl is growning before her mommas eyes. She is growning into a caring, loving, smart and silly big girl! A big girl who goes to school, has her own friends, and sleeps in her own bed.
Tonight is a good night!